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Pay businesses


Send and receive tokens with ReThink Pay instantaneously.

Fund your account with Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto Currencies, or even directly through your Bank Account.


Pay businesses— use your ReThink tokens to purchase goods instantaneously.

ReThink allows you to transfer money through its internal closed-loop blockchains, keeping the whole process Simple, Safe, and Secure.

Sending or receiving money using what’s in your ReThink account is always FREE.

To sign up

To send money*

Monthly fees


*ReThink does not charge for sending money from your ReThink account. There is a 5.9% +30 cent fee charged for loading your ReThink accounts with a linked credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. A 1% + $1 fee for ACH, and a 4.9% fee for any crypto currencies.

**Please note once you access, use or pay for the ReThink Asset Markers, you no longer have the right to cancel your purchase or request a refund for the digital product.

No Hidden Fees


Security and Speed

ReThink Decentralization

At ReThink, we have an entirely decentralized database that creates our ReThink Utility Asset Markers (RAM) 🐏 to securely transact between users on our financial rail.

We use the SHA-256 protocols to encrypt our systems, which is the most secure hashing function today. The US Government requires its agencies to protect sensitive information using SHA-256.

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