Fraud Prevention and Decentralized Identity (DIDN)

Solve fraud identity verification and scale your product

Each company enrolled with RT APP automatically gets enrolled into our Fraud and Chargeback protection solution. RT APP DIDN securely verifies your customers’ identities through ID documents, selfies, and government databases over web3 and Decentralized Net to give their customers complete control over who sees their verified, immutable identity.

RT APP Prevention AI has been trained to detect fraud and criminal activity and make sure your accounts are never compromised.

190 countries and over 6,000 IDs

DIDN helps you provide a seamless user verification experience with global document support in 14 languages and counting

Re-authentication for faster onboarding

Returning customers get authenticated within seconds by taking a quick selfie which is compared to their previously stored one. No password required!

Next Level Security

iOS and Android SDKs, an API, and a set of webhooks to allow real-time data transfer between our application and your backend.

A simple verification flow to delight your users

We believe in a world-class user experience. Take a look at what your users will see when verifying their identity.



In the first step, users are asked to upload a selfie. After this is done, our identity verification AI begins its work behind the scenes.

Here you can customize your flow to include fewer or more verification steps to suit your compliance requirements.

  • Liveness Detection
  • Measures 3D Depth, skin texture, eye reflection
  • Real-time Computer Vision

Identity Document Check

In the first step, users are asked to upload a selfie. After this is done, our identity verification AI begins its work behind the scenes.Next, up users are asked to upload a government-issued photo ID. We support over 6,000 official documents from over 190 countries to suit the needs of users from all corners of the world.

  • 6,000+ documents supported
  • Passports, National IDs, Drivers' Licenses
  • Additional documents
  • ID Authenticity check

Completing Authentication

In the final step, we check both inputs for authenticity and make sure that the provided selfie and the document are genuine and compatible. The whole process takes less than 90 seconds after which your users can start using your product.

  • Transparency of transferred data points
  • GDPR compliant process
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • All results available on RT APP portal, via API or using decentralized hash keys.

Retain trusted users with age verification

Build trust with customers to cover regulatory requirements and scale your business. Age checks with compliance-grade identity verification. Get bank-grade security features without

Seamless solution to Anti Money Laundering compliance

Monitor politically exposed persons (PEPs), and track risky behavior with adverse media and watchlist checks. Stay Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliant with KYC and a comprehensive customer due diligence program.

Prevent Chargebacks & Reduce Payment Processing Risk

RT APP provides a comprehensive, multi-layer approach to resolving disputes and preventing chargebacks.


Refund transaction disputes to avoid chargebacks, prevent threshold breaches, and keep merchant accounts in good standing.


Identify the underlying reason for transaction disputes and solve issues at their source. Trade temporary solutions for long-term prevention.